Delivery and Dispatch

We will gladly send your orders right to your door.
Your parcels will be shipped by Deutscher Paketdienst DPD (German Parcel Carrier) - large shipments upon consultation by forwarder.

Prices for standard parcels are graded by weight classes:

  • up to 10 kg  -  €6.90

  • up to 20 kg  -  €7.50

  • 20  - 31,5 kg  -  €7.90

Length surcharge for rolled goods: €2.00 per parcel.
Surcharge for non-conveyable parcels: €2.00 per parcel.

Amounts mentioned above do not apply for shipments abroad as well as for German islands.
Here you can find the costs for parcels outside of Germany: Shipping Costs Europe

Number of parcels always depends on the volume and the weight of the items.
Due to their volume, maximum four coupons of fleece fit into one box.
For jerseys a maximum of eight coupons can be put in one box, as otherwise the maximum weight would be exceeded.
Normally rolls will be shipped separately and not together with coupons.

We always attempt to use as few parcels as possible, in order to keep shipping costs low.

The parcel arrived but goods are missing?

Please take a look at the parcel’s label first!
It is possible that the parcel service does not deliver a complete consignment composed of several parcels. If the parcel’s label indicates 1/2 this means that we shipped to parcels.
In this case the other parcel is usually delivered the next day.

If all parcels are present and yet something is missing, please check the delivery note or open the mail with the final order confirmation.
Therein overdue or sold-out items are listed.